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O.R. Surgical Technician

  • Graham Staffing Services
  • 11/14/21
  • Orange Park, FL
  • 32003
  • 65,000 / Yearly
  • Full-Time
General Summary:
Under direction of the O.R. nurse, the technician functions as a scrubbed member of the O.R. team, assisting and anticipating the needs of the surgeon during a surgical procedure. Able to perform practices and principles of aseptic technique. Involved with preparation of O.R. suite prior to cases, interim and end of day cleaning of procedure room, instrumentation and equipment.
Essential Job Functions:
Assists the R.N. in checking O.R. suites for general cleanliness and preparedness prior to surgical procedures.
Assists in setting up, opening up of sterile supplies and instruments for each case using aseptic technique and utilizing physician preference procedure cards.
Assists in updating physician preference cards as needed and filing them properly.
Scrubs, dons gown, gloves and sets up sterile mayo stand and back table for case at hand.
Assists surgeon during case by passing necessary instruments and supplies needed.
Drapes the patient as directed according to surgeon's protocol.
Maintains good asepsis at all times during procedure.
Assists in sponge, needle, instrument counts, and identifying implantable devices according to Center policy.
Operates various equipment, power drills, ultrasonic cleaner, steam and ETO autoclaves,
O.R. table and accessories, pneumatic tourniquet, cautery machines. May also be directed on operating video equipment, microscope monitors, and abdominal insufflator.
Processes instruments in decontamination after procedures and prepares same for re- sterilization.
Keeps track of the amount and type of local anesthetic injection, amount of irrigation used, and back table medications used or unused.
Properly identifies and passes off any surgical pathology specimens to the O.R. circulating nurse.
Assists in the turnover of the O.R. suites between cases, disposing of trash and linens.
Assists in transferring patient to the stretcher at the conclusion of the case.
Assembles supplies/instruments and equipment for cases scheduled for the next day, using physician preference cards.
Assists in restocking and replenishing of sterile supplies used in the O.R. suites and in the sterile supply room.
Checks for outdates on sterile supplies/instruments and assists in reprocessing as needed.
Maintains autoclave logs and charts.
Maintains O.R. sub-specialty supply inventory as assigned by ordering with approval from Director of Nursing.
Assists as needed in the following areas: Central Processing, Endoscopy, Pre-op, PACU Phase I and II, or O.R. Housekeeping.
Assists in orienting new O.R. personnel as directed.
Requires access to Personal Health Information (PHI), HIPAA training is required, and HIPAA compliance is expected.
Must follow the organizations Code of Conduct
Must participate in the Compliance Program Initiatives and reporting and Compliance Issues
Other related duties as assigned.
Contact With Others: Works daily with adult and pediatric patients, Anesthesiologists, CRNA's, Surgeons, O.R. Nurses, Central Processing Technicians, and other O.R. Technicians
Problem Solving:
Instruction regarding work comes from the O.R. nurse, Scheduler, Director of Nursing, Surgeons, and Anesthesiologists. Written policies and protocols are available in the department and will be read and reviewed annually. Physician preference procedure cards will be kept in the department for surgical procedures. Decisions include, pulling and setting up cases for various surgical procedures, restocking sterile items, and ordering as delegated.
Accountable for policies and protocols of Center, maintaining confidentiality of patients, restocking supplies, efficient and waste-conscious use of O.R. supplies, establishing a professional and cooperative relationship with patients and staff. Participates in professional organizations to enhance knowledge and performance as an O.R. Technician.
Special Work Factors:
Works 6:45 through 3:45 and overtime on rare occasions. Stands about 75% of the time for long durations. Lifts (more than 50 pounds), bends and kneels frequently. Must have adequate use of both hands (hold retractors, pass instruments, etc) and good vision to assist in surgery to visualize "bleeders". Must operate power equipment and tools, work on elevated levels (on stools). Must exercise caution to avoid potential exposure to hot temperatures/steam from autoclaves, chemical vapors (formaldehyde), ionizing radiation (x-rays), infection hazard (body fluids), skin contact with chemicals (disinfectant), and working around machinery with moving parts (flying particles from drills). Requires access to Personal Health Information (PHI), HIPAA training is required, and HIPAA compliance is expected.
High School diploma or GED.
Formal completion of an O.R. technician program, preferably at an accredited school or demonstrated experience from on-the-job training. O.R.T. certification preferred.
One-year surgical experience.
Must be able to accept direction and leadership from O.R. nursing staff and surgeons.
Ability to cooperate with and assist ancillary staff.
Must be extremely methodical, diligent and organized; perform aseptic technique, observe and report to other scrubbed team members during cases.
Communicate effectively with scrubbed and un-scrubbed O.R. team members.
Basic knowledge and understanding of ambulatory surgical procedures to enable proper performance of scrub duties in all surgical sub-specialty cases.
Current BCLS required.
Physical Requirements:
Ability to stand, walk and/or sit for an extended period of time.
Ability to communicate in English.
Ability to see within normal parameters.
Ability to hear within normal range.
Ability to use hands, arms and legs within specifications of the job
Ability to assist unable patients with movement or transport to and in exam rooms
Must be able to lift up to 15 pounds at times.

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